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Your Veterinarian for Madisonville Spay and Neuter Servicesmadisonville spay & neuter

Did you know that when you spay or neuter a dog or cat, you're doing more than simply reducing your odds of ending up with a half-dozen new pets? The fact of the matter is that sexual sterilization offers some hugely important wellness benefits for your beloved animal -- and for the greater animal community as well. That's why Tchefuncte Animal Hospital is happy to offer Madisonville spay and neuter services for any owners in the area who need to spay or neuter a dog or cat.

Spay or Neuter a Cat or Dog to Help Fight Pet Overpopulation

You may be concerned mainly with controlling the pet population in your household, but when you spay or neuter a cat or dog in that household, you're indirectly doing pets everywhere a big favor. Every new puppy or kitten needs food, veterinary care and a forever home. Many owners simply can't accommodate these animals -- and neither can the overburdened, underfunded shelters that receive them. Limiting the pet population through spaying and neutering by your veterinarian in Covington and Madisonville thus prevents the destruction of countless animals while helping owners and shelters provide better care for existing pets.

Neuter or Spay a Cat or Dog to Provide Optimal Health

When you neuter or spay a cat or dog, you're also giving that animal a healthier, happier life. Neuter surgery removes the male testes, while spay surgery removes the female ovaries and uterus. These organs can not only be stricken with some aggressive cancers, but they can also contribute to other problems such as breast cancer and prostate disease. So when you neuter or spay a cat or dog, you are dramatically reducing your beloved pet's disease risk. Sterilization by your veterinarian in Madisonville also removes the extreme hormonal swings that send animals into heat and create unfortunate behavioral changes such as nighttime roaming and aggression toward other animals -- behaviors that can lead to fights or injuries.

Got Pets to Spay and Neuter in Madisonville? Bring Them to Your Madisonville Veterinarian at Our Clinic

If you have pets you need to spay and neuter in Madisonville, bring them to Tchefuncte Animal Hospital. Any Madisonville veterinarian on our team can neuter or spay a dog as an outpatient procedure, often in a matter of minutes, so you can bring your companion home the same day as the surgery. (It may take longer to spay a dog who is currently in heat.) Your veterinarian in Madisonville will go over everything you need to know, from how to prepare your pet for the day of surgery to how to administer medication and check the incision site for any signs of trouble. We can also perform a follow-up exam to track your pet's recuperation.

Give your pet the happiest, healthiest life possible. Call 985-845-7484 to schedule spay or neuter surgery from your veterinarian in Covington and Madisonville!

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