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Pet Microchipping at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville, LAmadisonville pet microchipping

Imagine your pet getting separated from you for whatever reason and not finding his way home. Did the collar holding his ID tag come off, or did the tag itself detach from the collar, making your pet completely unidentifiable to passersby? Taking advantage of our Madisonville pet microchipping services at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital can help relieve your anxieties; better yet, they can help you become reunited with your companion. Microchipping is a quick, easy, affordable, non-surgical procedure -- and your veterinarian in Madisonville LA will be happy to provide this essential form of identification for your pet.

How Pet Microchipping in Madisonville Works

Pet microchipping in Madisonville involves the insertion of a tiny RFID (radio frequency ID) transceiver chip just under your pet's skin, generally between the shoulder blades where it isn't likely to shift position. This chip is so minuscule that it can actually be injected via hypodermic needle, eliminating the need for surgery. The chip can be tiny because it needs no power supply of its own; instead, it responds to the energy of an RFID scanner beam, transmitting its encoded information to the handheld scanning devices used by animal shelter employees, vets and other animal workers. The chip sends the scanner a unique ID number-- the number under which your contact information is registered at the company that produced the chip. The animal worker can then use this contact information to let you know that your pet has been found.

Why You Should Get Your Pet Chipped by Your Madisonville Veterinarian

Many pet owners assume that their pets are sure to be identified if they go missing thanks to the collar ID tags they wear. These tags are indeed the primary means of identifying an animal, especially for the average person who happens to find a lost pet wandering around. But they can't be relied on as the only means of identification for the simple reason that they aren't permanent.

It's all too easy for a pet to lose an ID tag, or even an entire collar, in a fight with another animal or a scramble through dense underbrush. Once you get your pet chipped by your Madisonville veterinarian at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that your pet is always carrying a reliable form of identification no matter what misadventures he might get into. That said, you need to provide your pet with both a microchip and a standard collar tag to help others identify him -- and contact you -- as quickly and easily as possible.  The staff at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital will also walk you through all the paperwork necessary to register the chip and even mail it for you so there’s no hassle.

Schedule Microchipping With Our Vet in Madisonville

Your vet in Madisonville can easily administer microchipping alongside vaccinations or other preventative procedures during a standard wellness exam -- or you can schedule it separately if you want to get it done ASAP. Call 985-845-7484 to get your pet chipped by your veterinarian in Madisonville, LA, also serving Mandeville, Covington and all of St. Tammany Parish!

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