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Pet Grooming at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville, LAPet Grooming

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Grooming is one of the easiest things you can do to help your pet maintain a happy and healthy life -- and the fact that it makes pets look and smell terrific is a wonderful fringe benefit for owners. Here at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, our Madisonville pet grooming services combine expert, compassionate handling from our groomers with evaluations and recommendations from your pet's veterinarian.

Why Schedule Pet Grooming With Your Veterinarian in Madisonville?

Grooming does more than keep your pet neat and clean-- it also plays a vital role in maintaining his health and wellness. For example:

  • Oils that are allowed to build up on the skin can attract bacteria, setting the stage for dermatitis and infections.
  • Your pet's toes are subject to painful injuries and infections due to overgrown toenails. Domestic animals have little opportunity to wear their nails down the natural way, resulting in long, sharp nails that can catch on flooring or carpeting and rip the toenail away from the toe.
  • Anal glands that become blocked may become swollen, painful and infected.

Proper grooming keeps these and other health threats under control -- especially when it's professionally administered under the supervision of our vet in Madisonville. While you might think of grooming as something you could do yourself, it's important to realize that sloppy grooming can do more harm than good. Brushing through matted clumps could be an agonizing and damaging experience for your pet, while one wrong move with the cuticle scissors can severe pain and bleeding. Our veterinary team can perform such tasks with the utmost care, ensuring your pet remains still and calm throughout. 

What You Can Expect From Our Pet Groomer in Madisonville

Pet grooming in Madisonville includes all the essential procedures to help your pet enjoy greater comfort and wellness. Our groomers can remove matted clumps of hair without hurting your beloved companion before administering a soothing, cleansing bath with gentle, pet-friendly shampoos. Your veterinarian in Madisonville, LA takes the grooming process as an opportunity to examine your pet's skin, eyes and ears for any signs of irritations, infestations or diseases that might call for treatment. We can also provide a variety of stylish haircut options that remove mats and leave only a beautiful, healthy coat.

Rest assured that our Madisonville pet grooming services don't neglect the other parts of your pet. We can trim nails with great care and precision to protect both your pet's feet and your home's interior surfaces. Anal gland expression can remove the threat of painful impactions.

Want a Cleaner, Healthier Pet? Call Tchefuncte Animal Hospital Today!

Your pet enjoys being clean and healthy just as much as you enjoy seeing him that way. Call 985-845-7484 to schedule a grooming session any weekday at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital. Your vet in Madisonville is ready to help your pet achieve the highest possible quality of life!

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