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Getting a Pet Exam at Your Veterinarian in Madisonvillemadisonville veterinarian pet exam

Your veterinarian in Madisonville offers pet exams, which your pet should get on a regular basis. Getting regular pet wellness exams is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and ensure their good health all their lives. You should start bringing your pet in for pet check-ups at an early age. When pets are still very young, your Madisonville veterinarian will be able to assess their overall health to create a baseline for it going forward, and can also ensure they are growing properly and meeting all their milestones at the proper age.

Once a pet is established with our practice, they should come back twice a year for a check-up exam. This ensures any new health issues are caught early, when it is easiest to treat and even cure them (depending on the condition). Pets who have a health condition that is chronic should come in more often, and your veterinarian in Covington and Madisonville will advise you on how often your pet needs another check-up in these circumstances.

Pet Exams in Madisonville Can Prevent Disease

When you bring your animal companions in for pet exams in Madisonville, you are doing an important job in preventing disease in your pet, and even in preventing diseases that could be transmitted to humans. You will be encouraged to give the veterinarian information about your pet's energy levels, appetite, attitude, and activities, which will give the veterinarian important details to use in diagnosing any new or potential health condition. Your veterinarian will also measure your pet's vital statistics to diagnose any developing health condition as early as possible, and prescribe the proper treatment to treat or cure it. These measurements will also be used to compare against your pet's baseline for health to determine if they are still as healthy as they were at their first pet exam.

Pet Exams Can Diagnose Health Conditions

Your Madisonville pet exams can diagnose health conditions using a wide array of high technology diagnostic equipment. We do blood and urine tests in the office. We also have x-ray and access to ultrasound, MRI, or CT. Once in a while, your veterinarian may recommend your pet stay at the pet clinic overnight to be observed and/or given special care that they could not receive at home. These are usually short stays, and in most instances, your pet gets to go home the next day, sometimes with a prescription, sometimes without. We can provide animals with intravenous fluids and medications during overnight stays, if necessary.

What to Do Next: Schedule Wellness Exams With Madisonville Vet At Tchefuncte Animal Hospital

Call us to schedule your pet's first wellness exam and get them established at our pet clinic. Your pet will receive a comprehensive examination, the veterinarian will establish a baseline, and you will be given any recommendations the veterinarian may have for improving or healing your pet's health. We look forward to meeting you and your pet and welcoming you to the Tchefuncte Animal Hospital family. You can reach us at:

Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, LLC

216 Louisiana Hwy 21
Madisonville, LA 70447


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