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Veterinary Services at Our Madisonville Clinic

At Tchefuncte Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of veterinary services for pets in Madisonville. Our services range from wellness visits and grooming to surgery and dental care. 

Pet Wellness and Sick Visits

veterinary services in MadisonvilleIf your pets need a checkup, we offer routine wellness visits. Our Madisonville veterinarian will give your pets a thorough exam and administer vaccines as needed. These vaccines help protect your pets from rabies and other serious diseases. If your pets are sick or injured, we also offer sick visits. Our veterinarian will examine your pets and recommend a course of treatment to restore them to good health. Keep in mind that we also have a feline health center to ensure that our feline patients receive the exact care they need. This includes seeing and treating your cats in an area that’s away from our canine patients. 

Emergency and Urgent Care

If your pets need to be seen immediately for a serious injury or illness, we offer emergency care and urgent care services. Our emergency care and urgent care services are available during regular office hours. Please do not wait to bring your pets in for care if they have a potentially life-threatening condition!

Dental Care

We offer dental care services, including teeth cleanings, to help keep your pets’ teeth and gums in excellent condition. Without routine dental care, your pets could also be at risk of other health problems. In addition to cleanings, we can handle tooth and gum problems and perform dental procedures.


Our surgical procedures range from routine spaying and neutering to providing specialized forms of surgery, such as LiteCure Companion Laser Therapy. Our laser therapy procedures offer a non-invasive way to treat several different conditions, including arthritis, skin problems, dental problems, ear infections, wounds and fractures. 

Professional Grooming

Regular grooming helps your pets stay healthy, but it is not always easy to perform these tasks, especially if you have pets that are anxious or nervous. In order to ensure that your pets still have their coat, skin, nails and ears taken care of, we offer professional grooming services. These services include medicated baths, nail trims, professional cuts, ear cleanings and full body shaves. 

Dog and Cat Boarding

When you need a place for your pets to stay while you are away, we offer dog and cat boarding facilities. Cats are housed in a separate area from dogs in order to help them stay calm during their stay with us. We also have glassed-in runs for dogs, and our staff takes them out at least four times per day. We also have boarding services for exotic animals.

Contact Our Madisonville Veterinarian for an Appointment

If your pet needs one of our services, please contact Tchefuncte Animal Hospital today at 985-845-7484 to schedule an appointment with our Madisonville veterinarian. We offer high-quality services for dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds and small farm animals.

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