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Veterinary Services Provided at Our Animal Hospital in Madisonville

If you have a pet, then consider our animal hospital in Madisonville as your one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your animal healthy and happy! We offer a range of comprehensive veterinary services that includes everything from preventative pet health care to innovative therapeutic technology like laser therapy. Read on to learn more. 

dog and kitty sleeping in Madisonville

Veterinary Checkup

The most important part of preventative pet healthcare is ensuring that you bring your animal in on a routine basis for a basic veterinary checkup. Your veterinarian in Madisonville LA will check your pet's weight, skin, coat, joints, eyes, mouth, and blood work if necessary. The vet can also go over any questions or concerns you may have and even identify early warning signs of a pet health problem, in many cases allowing you to minimize, reverse, or prevent the issue from occurring.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines keep your pets safe against many diseases transmitted by bugs, other pets, and wildlife. To maximize the effectiveness of pet vaccinations, it'll be important to bring your pet in for all the necessary shots and booster shots as recommended by your veterinarian in Madisonville.

Pet Dental Services

Healthy teeth and gums can extend your pet's life by a number of years! Our vet staff provides full-service dental cleaning and examinations with your pet under anesthesia to ensure its comfort and maximize our ability to deliver high-quality dental care.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Millions of unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized every year. By deciding to spay and neuter your pets, you're doing your part to prevent pet overpopulation, which places a significant burden on our local and national communities. Spay and neuter have also been shown to reduce the risk of certain health conditions and unwanted behaviors in cats and dogs. 

General Surgery

In addition to spay and neuter surgery, our veterinary team provides general surgical services to help heal sick or injured pets, including cancer and tumor removal, connective tissue repair, and emergency care.

Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet suffers a broken bone or is struggling with a painful joint, our orthopedic team can provide effective surgical techniques using the most innovative technology available to reduce your pet's recovery time and maximize functional outcomes. 

Ultrasound Testing for Pets

Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive way to see inside your pet's body and look for things like soft tissue masses, which can help guide treatment. 

LiteCure Companion Laser Therapy

This exciting surgery-free and drug-free technique help reduce your pet's pain and suffering from a variety of physical conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament sprains, and post-operative pain. 

Parasite Prevention, Deworming & Parasitism Services

In addition to pet vaccinations, our vet team offers medications that provide parasite prevention, or, in the event your pet becomes infected by worms, fleas, or ticks, deworming and parasitism treatment. Since many of these parasites carry bacteria and disease, this prevention service is crucial for your pet's well-being. 

Pet Microchipping

Give yourself some peace of mind by considering pet microchipping for your cat or dog. Think of it as a permanent ID tag that can be easily implanted under your animal's skin during any kind of general surgery or even pet dental cleaning done under anesthesia. 

Feline Health Center

Cats deserve special attention and care, so our facility has created a comprehensive feline health center that includes state-of-the-art technology, services, and space to accommodate our kitty kin. 

Boarding & Grooming

Dogs and cats are kept separately and comfortably in our spacious, climate-controlled, and medically-supervised kennels and crates. We treat our animal boarders with utmost respect, attention, and love so that you can rest easy while traveling away from home sans-animal! When you board your pet, consider scheduling a grooming appointment, too; our experienced team will have your furry friend looking her best for when you reunite at the end of your trip!

Travel Planning: Pet Health Certificates

Bringing your pet on a trip with you? A veterinarian in Madisonville can help you arrange all the paperwork to avoid any logistical snafus. We can also offer you helpful tips and tools to make sure that your travel with your pets goes smoothly.

Meet Our Madisonville Veterinarian for Your Pet Services

Are you a local pet owner? Connect with a vet in Madisonville today by calling the Tchefuncte Animal Hospital today at 985-845-7484. Feel free to explore the rest of our website for more information about our comprehensive services.

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